JA serving Marshall County partners with local schools and the business community to prepare local youth for economically independent futures based on strong economic knowledge and solid personal financial management skills. Schools in Marshall County look to Junior Achievement to provide the supplemental learning experiences that help young people develop the competence, confidence and character to make smart academic and economic decisions.

At every grade level, JA programs expose students to basic business concepts and the skills that enable them to understand real-life economics. Community volunteers visit local K-12 classrooms to deliver JA's professionally developed learning activities and share their real world experiences with students, helping students build an understanding of economic choices and the resulting consequences of each decision.

JA students develop the skills necessary to be confident adults, be financially literate, be able to set and achieve goals, be part of an educated local workforce, create new jobs and businesses, and raise families without outside financial support.

Junior Achievement serving Marshall County is trending towards major growth:

      • 20 participating classrooms, reaching 500 students in 2012-2013
      • 70 participating classrooms, reaching 1,675 students in 2013-2014
      • 95 participating classrooms, reaching 2,400 students in 2014-2015
      • 114 participating classrooms, reaching 2,700 students in 2015-2016
      • 42% of students in Marshall County will be impacted by JA by 2017-2018

Locally, JA is is led by professional staff and a board of directors comprised of local business leaders that positions JA well to have insight into, and effectively address the specific needs of the communities within Marshall County.

If you are interested in serving on the local board of directors or providing financial support for JA programs in Marshall County, interested in volunteering to teach JA in a local classroom, or if you are a teacher in Marshall County who would like to know more about brining JA into your classroom, please contact Liz Miller at (574) 993-4462 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

"Supporting JA of Marshall County helps our students develop the skills they need to prosper as adults in our communities."  --Tom Wiers, President, Wiers International Trucks, Plymouth, IN

Junior Achievement is proud to be a partner agency of the United Way of Marshall County.

To make a donation toward ensuring this learning continues in Marshall County, click here.

EVENTS - April 18, 2017 is the Marshall County JA Achieve-A-Bowl!  Contact Liz to sponsor or have a team!  

Thank you to our Title Sponsor: Woodforest National Bank

JA Achieve-A-Bowl: Spring
JA Business Drive: Fall & Spring
"Be Our Guest": Spring
JA Appreciation Luncheon: Fall

For information on these events, please contact Liz Miller. 



Nick Chaney, U.S. Granules Corporation (President)
Lorna Shively, WorkOne (Secretary)
Brandi Smith, KeyBank (Treasurer)


Tom Wiers, Wiers International
Carol Brown, Lake City Bank
Trisha Crawford, ITAMCO
Greg Frushour, Mil-tek Indiana Recycling & Waste Soluntions LLC
Connie Lemler, 1st Source Bank
Carrie McGuire, Plymouth Community School Corporation
Jerry Kisela, Culver Academies
Mark Senter, City of Plymouth
Larry Stewart, Woodforest National Bank
Jim Cawthon, Ancilla College

Junior Achievement Serving Marshall County
P.O. Box 50 Plymouth, IN 46563
Liz Miller, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: (574) 993-4463

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