At JA BizTown students work individually and in teams to create business success. Within each of the 14 businesses in the town, they build new understandings of work and careers.

To expand their career exploration and help them prepare for the JA BizTown experience, we’ve created a series of videos. Each short 1½-minute video showcases the work people do in those types of businesses across our nation.


Narrated by young people themselves, these lively videos are an ideal way to help the young people in your life explore their options as they plan for and gain the education required to achieve their personal work and career goals.

JA BizTown: Introduction JA BizTown: Automotive JA BizTown: Bank JA BizTownBroadcast Center
JA BizTown: Career Center JA BizTownCity Hall JA BizTown Education Center JA BizTownHardware Store (Retail)
JA BizTownHealth Care Center JA BizTownNewspaper JA BizTownProfessional Office JA BizTownRestaurant
JA BizTown Science & Industry Center JA BizTown: Supply Center  JA BizTown: Utility Company