When Mike Packnett was first approached about considering a position with Parkview Health in 2006, he didn't know exactly where Fort Wayne, Indiana, was. Five years later, he is one of the city's biggest champions, working tirelessly to strengthen the local and regional community.

"It was a great decision to come here. Parkview is one of the best health systems in the country, and the people throughout northeast Indiana couldn't be better," says Mike Packnett, president and CEO, Parkview Health.

Because he believes strongly in the future of the region, he has committed considerable time and energy to serving several key organizations. He serves on the boards of the Fort Wayne-Allen County Economic Development Alliance, Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership, Northeast Indiana Regional Chamber, Allen County-Fort Wayne Capital Improvement Board, Advisory Council of the Young Leaders of Northeast Indiana, and State Chamber of Commerce.

"We must have an urgency to work on the important strategies that will help us transform our region," Mike says. "Many of us have worked hard on the Vision 2020 effort to help identify the best ways we can be successful throughout the region."

He says his dedication to working for a strong vision for the region is about creating opportunities for this generation and generations to come. He is especially passionate about this work and the collaboration of others across the region.

"We're beginning to see some fruits of the work that the Regional Partnership began years ago," he says. "There is a recognition today that we are much stronger as a region than individual communities. We're competing against the rest of the world for jobs, and we look much stronger as a region than a single city."

Mike's commitment and energy extend across Parkview Health, too, where community, leadership and excellence are key.

"At Parkview Health, we are the community's health system, and as a community asset we annually give 10 percent of our bottom line profits to more than 200 organizations," he says. "In fact, it's that unwavering giving, even in tough economic times that really attracted me to this position and this community."

Mike's spirit of leadership extends well into the community. He is co-chair with Senator Richard Luger of the Community Harvest Food Bank drive "Hunger: Help Us Fill the Need."

Mike's career didn't start in leadership; he first worked housekeeping and maintenance jobs. He says "those jobs really molded me as a servant leader. They enabled me to see the importance and equality of every job. The best definition I've heard for servant leadership is "chief among equals."