JA BizTown will be a rewarding way for you to volunteer a few hours of your time.  It is operated by Junior Achievement of Northern Indiana, which serves over 125,000 students of all ages across the region through in-school lessons and special experiences like JA BizTown.

In order to have a successful day at JA BizTown, we need at least 15 volunteers. To ensure that each volunteer has a good experience, we ask that you complete the below volunteer training before your onsite training. If you would like additional preparation, we have uploaded the Volunteer Manuals. It has valuable information to prepare you for your specific volunteer role. This information will also be available during your visit. 

To find Greater Lafayette BizTown information, please visit: JA BizTown® Volunteer Training Greater Lafayette

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at (260) 484-2543 or click here to find Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's).

Thank You for volunteering atJA BizTown - we can't wait for you to be here!

Volunteer Training - 5 Step Process

Step 1: Volunteer Training Video
Step 2: Volunteer Training Video
Step 3: Volunteer Training Video
Step 4: JA BizTown Pre-Training Overview
Step 5: Volunteer Conduct Standards

Additional Preparation: Volunteer Manuals

If you would like to pre-read your scripts and learn more specifics about your business, the Volunteer Manual is a great resource. Note: These manuals will be printed and provided the day of the JA BizTown Simulation. You do not need to bring copies.

Broadcast Center
Career Center
City Hall
Education Center
Hardware Center
Health Care Center
Professional Office
Science & Industry Center
Supply Center
Utility Company

If you are unable to watch the above training videos, please click here to be directed to the videos on YouTube.